Can you ever imagine spending your Christmas in summer? This might sound crazy but this happens in Africa as Tanzania is located in the Southern Hemisphere. Christmas in Africa falls in summer which is a very different and unique phenomenon. So if you wish to celebrate your Christmas in the sun among the beautifully bloomed flowers instead of ice and snowfalls during the Christmas season then Tanzania is your right destination.

Christmas in Tanzania
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To give you the joy of experiencing this unique phenomenon we offer you the chance to travel to Africa by providing you the best East Africa safari packages at the most affordable prices. We have been helping our clients by providing them the cheapest and the most reliable tour packages to Africa so as to enable them witness the diverse and beautiful cultures of Africa. And this Christmas we seek to help our clients experience a new way of celebrating their Christmas by taking them through the wilds and beautiful nature of Africa. For this we have arranged the best African safari vacation packages. So grab this opportunity and explore Africa with our tips to enjoy Christmas and New Year in five simple ways.

Tanzania wildlife safari
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1.    Africa as we all know is famous for its thick forest and rich wildlife so you can celebrate Christmas with your family and friends by taking a safari ride into the thick forest or by taking a road trip into the woods or some scenic places where you can play games and have your delicious Christmas lunch  with them.

Find spiritual retreat
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2.    Eastern Africa offer you wide ranges of choices from where you can choose your way to spend Christmas with your family and friends. If you wish to get away from the madness of the crowd then it is the best idea to move into the retreat houses in Africa where you can also meditate yourself and find spiritual retreat as well.

Museums and memorial
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3.    You can also visit the town of Bethlehem in Africa which lies in the fertile valley of the Liebenberg’s river. This place has a lot more to offer you than just the museums and memorial heritage sites.

ski resort in Africa
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4.    If you are in Africa for Christmas and New year then you should never forget to visit the Tiffendell as this place will give you the wild experience of water Christmas in Africa. Tiffendell is the only ski resort in Africa and that is why this place is a very famous destination for people who want to spend their vacations. People come to this place to celebrate their Christmas in a unique style.

Vibrant night life
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5.    There is no better place in this world where they celebrate any festival livelier than Africa. Tanzania is a country with a vibrant night life. And so if you wish to spend your Christmas with your friends and love ones by hanging out in the pubs and bars then Tanzania is definitely your best choice as this land is well known for its vibrant night life and wonderful people.

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