HIred Kilimanjaro Vikings for a 7 day Kilimanjaro trekking and a two day safari, that I will get back to.

We were a two person party, being picked up at Kilimanjaro airport by owner and our guide Charlie and driven to the ordered hotel Park View Hotel in Moshi, we specifically asked for this hotel base on reviews here at Tripadvisor. We spent one day in Moshi/at the hotel and met with Charlie so that he could check out our gear, and also make arrangements for cash payments, no advance payments this we found very comforting. Price is in the lower end.
The hike up to the summit of Kilimanjaro was perfectly arranged, Charlie is a nice guy and have done this hundreds of times. The team was perfect, the food was ok, tent also, absolutely no complaints and we both made it to the Summit.
I will rate the Kili trekking 5 out of 5, the reason for not giving 5 is that the Safari was less perfect.
The car was old and dirty adn driving on dusty roads the dust came into the car so that you could taste it. After pickup we went to fill on gas on the car in one particular gas station and then to another place to pick up the cook, why was this not done before we were picked up???
We had ordered a hotel for overnight between the two days of safari, but was offered a tent!!! Charlie then claimed an extra 50 dollars for change to hotel and we reluctantly accepted this.
At the end of the first day we came to the camp site and the hotel room turned out to be a “hut” with two matresses, but still common bath and toilet facilities, absolutely not a hotel.
I have discussed this with Charlie in several emails but he never offered to pay back the 50 USD that we paid extra.

Use Kilimanjaro Vikings for your Kilimanjaro Trekking, it’s perfect and good price for what you get, but make sure your expectations are aligned before ordering Safari tour with them.

Most welcome to contact me for further clarification if needed:-)