Getting itchy feet yet again? Come join Kilimanjaro Vikings on Tanzania tours and safari holiday and go back home with a bagful of quixotic memories cherished for a lifetime. We are experts in organizing safaris covering the best sites across Tanzania and beyond. We tailor each safari to your exact needs, ensuring a truly personalized experience that you have always yearned for.

Whether you are looking for an extensive safari experience spread across days or a single day excursion, we keep you covered. The Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Conservation Area are a safe bet for multiple-days safaris while day safaris options include Mkomazi National Park, Arusha National Park, Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara National Park and more.

The wildlife safari day tour entails a game drive where you get to witness some of the most amazing species in their natural habitat from the comforts of your 4×4 open sports vehicles. Our guides will take you through the vantage points for wildlife gazing while ensuring your convenience and safety. A detour to Meserani Snake Park is also possible upon request.

We add yet another dimension to the best Tanzania safari tours by taking you through the local culture. Just get onboard a Maasai village day tour and experience how man, cattle and wildlife can coexist harmoniously. Get a peek into the Maasai houses, celebrate their unique traditions and immerse into their songs and dance – a unique experience is just on the cards.

The departure time and place varies as per the safari. However, a game drive and picnic lunch is a permanent fixture across all Tanzania safari parks, ensuring the best possible experience. Typical of all our tours, the safaris are all-inclusive. The price includes everything from transportation to guides and food. Contact us early for more details and timely bookings.

Feel a rush of emotion released during your Tanzania holidays

What do you think of when you hear the word safari? For most folks, images of rolling plains, lions lounging in the sun, and monkeys swinging through the trees come to mind. All that and more can be experienced on a safari tour in Tanzania.

But the hard part comes when you’re desperate to go on a safari, slowly making your way through the jungle while spotting cheetahs and giraffes. This part is to pick the right Tanzania safari package.

The Kilimanjaro Vikings specialists are here to help you feel a rush of emotion stirred up during your Tanzania vacation as you traverse the wild African terrain like a modern-day Viking: 

  • As Tanzania is home to the most diverse wildlife in Africa, from elephants and lions to gorillas and chimpanzees, hand-pick the kind of wildlife you want to see.
  • Determine how much time you have for safaris in Tanzania.
  • Understand your budget because our safari tours range from inexpressibly affordable to expensive, depending on your wishes.

Share your preferences for the perfect Tanzania trip, lace up your hiking boots, and get ready for a real adventure!

Plan your best safari in Tanzania

Our Tanzania safari tours don’t let you lazily bask in the sun – be prepared to do a lot of hiking and climbing. Besides, stock up on mosquito repellent. Nothing ruins an adventure like being bitten by hordes of relentless bugs. 

The gratification you receive from your safari in Tanzania largely depends on the time of year you go. The best opportunity for spotting animals is during the dry season (which is typically June through October).

Send your everyday routine aside – it will never end. Go wild instead and come to see Tanzania with Kilimanjaro Vikings. It’s more than worth it.

Your Tanzania safari tour to experience the wild side

Listen to yourself. Are you craving adventure and want to escape the mundane to experience the thrill of the wild? It’s time to embark on an unforgettable Tanzania safari. 

As you traverse the sweeping Serengeti plains and windswept Ngorongoro Crater, you will meet nature in its most primal state. With our Tanzania tour packages, get ready to watch in awe as a dazzle of zebras gallop by, a tower of giraffes gracefully stride through the bush, and a float of hippos bask in the sun.

The stunning vistas and rare wildlife sightings will leave you breathless and put you behind the modern world for a day or longer. This is your chance to reconnect with something ancient and untamed. Our Tanzania safari tour will awaken your spirit and fill you with wonder at the beauty of the wild.