Is attempting to climb to Kilimanjaro not suitable for persons not experienced properly? Experiencing a travel adventure is mainly for outdoor enthusiasts. If planning to climb high altitudes, it is mainly recommended for those who have experienced it before. If having a problem with heights, climbing to such heights may not be your forte. But following some tips, the problem can be avoided.

Climb Kilimanjaro

Minimizing the chance of altitude sickness in the heights

Follow the practical steps below to climb Kilimanjaro without the problem of altitude sickness easily:

  • Have plenty of fluids

Do not forget to drink a lot of water when climbing to the heights like Kilimanjaro. Altitude tends to dehydrate you, and so, try to keep yourself hydrated quickly to help the body maintain the climb and change in the climate.

Eat properly

  • Eat properly

Try to eat in a suitable amount for every meal when climbing as you need adequate energy to climb up. Neither you should overeat or eat less as it may affect your energy levels by the time you reach your destination.

  • Maintain physical fitness

It is important that you are in good health and maintain fitness when climbing such great heights. For the ones, who are feeling unwell, stressed, having fatigue, the climb may seem to be a challenging task. These people are more likely to suffer from problems of altitude sickness.

  • Do not stress about it

If you cannot cover a pre-planned distance while climbing to Kilimanjaro, you shouldn’t stress out with it. Rest in camp and be relaxed to be able to start fresh on the next day. If you stress more with the matter, there is a chance of altitude sickness. You shouldn’t push yourself too hard that it feels like a burden to climb to such heights.

Relax while climbing

  • Relax while climbing

You shouldn’t climb the whole day long and instead relax and be positive. Do not overthink anything and enjoy the climb, it would help you stay energized and positive throughout the climb, and it would seem to be less stressful.

  • Sleep well

With relaxation and proper eating habits, you should get adequate sleep and energy and start with a fresh mind. It is better to spend some nights in a tent bag before the climb and get used to sleeping on a hard surface. This would make it easy when climbing to Kilimanjaro and resting in between.

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What to do to prevent the problem?

Though history shows the list of deaths and its likeliness when climbing to Kilimanjaro, the rate of risks can be reduced. Correct planning and preparation before climbing can make a difference, and it requires suitable training to hike such great heights. The longer the route you select, you need to have suitable training and prepare for the same. Try to eliminate the chance of risks and altitude sickness problems and keep your danger in mind. This would automatically make the climb an enjoyable and adventurous one.

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