The Tanzania trip has too many exciting things to offer. You will not be able to contemplate what to do and what to leave out. No matter how many days of a tour you are availing, you will miss out on something. This is a minor attempt to consolidate some of the best activities to engage in while on a Tanzanian safari. This place perfectly fills up a bucket-list, begging for more space. Here are the best ten undertakings,

Hiking Kilimanjaro

  1. Hiking Kilimanjaro: The highest peak deserves the first position. Climbing the best routes leaves you with extra time to acclimate to the elevation. The best Tanzania safari tours described in gives you scenic routes. You have an excellent opportunity to climb one of the most famous hikes on Earth.

Tanzania safari tours

2. Seeing the famous five: This tour must include a show of animal life in the wild. Don’t avoid seeing the big five on the best Tanzania safari tours. These are the lion, the elephant, the buffalo, the leopard and of course, the ever elusive rhino.

Visit the tribal folk

3. Visit the tribal folk: One of the most renowned and brave tribes live in here in this subcontinent surrounded by the enchanting yet horrific wildlife. You get a welcoming dance which consists of jumps and rhythmic bouncing motions. You cannot miss it.

Visit Zanzibar beach

4. Take a dip: Your trip is incomplete without a dive in the coasts of Zanzibar. This island is the best diving spot on the eastern seaboard. Catch some aquatic life in action while snorkeling.

The Great Rift Valley
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5. Marvels of the valley: Have you heard of The Great Rift Valley? It spans a significant portion of the continent and passes through Tanzania. A large beautiful site housing a meteorite crater and the world-renowned Serengeti National Park.

Serengeti National Park

6. Spectate migration: There is an annual migration happening down at Tanzania. The wildebeest move in herds of thousands from the Serengeti National Park to the Maasai Mara National Reserve. An enigmatic sight to witness.

Taking flight in hot air balloon
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7. Reach for the sky: Imagine the vastness of Serengeti. You know you cannot do that. So, go for a hot air balloon ride. You will float across the sky and understand why your mind cannot imagine the span of Serengeti in Tanzania.

Stare at the birds

8. Stare at the birds: No matter how many birds you see at Tanzania, you will always find a different one. With over a thousand species of birds ruling the skies, you will know why bird-watching is a hobby to some people.

Natural spa pool

9. Natural spa pool: On your safari trip you might stumble upon a hippopotamus or two. What is more interesting is to see a cluster of these creatures splattering around in the muddy water. The number can reach a large count of above a hundred.

Camping with the wild

10. Camping with the wild: After a long day full of activities, go for a luxury camping. The nights of Tanzania in the wilderness is an experience you cannot leave behind.

Wonders of Tanzania

It was a simple surface scratch attempt. As mentioned before, there are too many things to do on a safari. Hearing a lion’s roar, locking eyes with an elephant, seeing baboons with babies and whatnot. What will you do on your safari tour?

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  1. Great post! A safari trip to Tanzania is every wildlife enthusiast dream. I want to visit it during the Wildebeest migration, to bear witness to the epic phenomenon. Thanks for sharing this list of things to do there. Really helpful!

  2. I appreciate your tips on what to do on a Tanzania safari. It is cool that you can see lions, elephants, buffalo, leopard, and rhinos. This makes me wonder how close you can get to them. My husband is sometimes afraid of big animals up close.

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