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Kilimanjaro Vikings is made up of a group of experienced guides working together to organize Mountain treks and safaris, We have been taking climbers to the roof of Africa (Kilimanjaro) and showing safari goers the beauty of Tanzania for over 16 years.

For all these years we have served thousands of Clients, Due to all this experiences we have gathered over the time, Rest assured that we will arrange you an adventure that will linger in your mind for a very long time if not forever.

We believe in Transparency, trust, care and Clients safety,These are the most important things which makes us stand out from the crowd. And at the end of your adventure you will leave as a satisfied client and a friend too.

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Whether you are a local or visitor, one of the best things to do in a city is to get energized and recharged with outstanding day trips that only take an hour or more from moshi town. Watch beautiful landscapes, parks and stunning waterfalls where you can swim depending on the weather of the city limit. So get ready to go around in the car to these places that offer a welcome change of the scenery.


star rating  I joined Machame route 7 days tour.
I had terrible altitude sickness, my head was so painful. I took some painkiller and pills for altitude sickness. I especially felt so... read more

July 17, 2016

star rating  这是我第一次去非洲旅游的!很紧张很紧张。。 我们通过朋友联系了Kilimanjarovikings。他们真体贴热情给我们服务。出发之前好早跟他们联系各个方面的事情商量了,也可以谈谈。她们还告诉我们准备行李衣服的。 每个酒店或服务有不同的价格,一定要问清楚。别看只价格,因为这个地方,便宜是有便宜的理由。再说这次知道了他们政府刚刚开始了爬山旅游税18%,所以当然费用比前几个月贵了18%以上了。。真没办法。 我们三个人很放心地出发!安排好了接机送机服务,爬山前后的酒店,Safari的目的地,住宿,小费等等,都包括了很清楚的费用很放心。

September 1, 2016

star rating  Myself and four other friends climbed Kilimanjaro with Vikings earlier in August. They provided the best price available which included airport transfer, accommodation the night before and night after the... read more

September 1, 2016
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Kilimanjaro Safari and Zanzibar

Tanzania tour packages for fantastic wildlife viewing and trekking experiences

With the popularity of safari trips growing over the years, Tanzania is a pristine nature and wildlife haven that seems nothing short of a miracle. With some of the densest and most varied populations of animals, encompassing different habitats, terrains, natural parks, and reserves, Tanzania remains a sanctuary for many endemic species. The rich flora and fauna and the abundance of animal and birdlife make the beauty of this area unrivaled. And with our Tanzania trip packages for outdoor enthusiasts, you’re destined to get more than just a brief glimpse of another land.

Travel with Kilimanjaro Vikings to walk the ancient trails, explore the grasslands, lakes, and national parks of Tanzania. Or if you’re adventurous enough, go ahead and conquer the mountain peaks towering through the clouds!

A Tanzania trip to feel on top of the world

The serenity and grandeur of the mountains can delight any adventure-seeker and bring peace to any heart. Choose from our Kilimanjaro tours in Tanzania to explore the routes taking you through several climate zones with varied topography and the beauty of landscapes that is beyond words. 

Wondering what you should expect during these tours? The mountains sculpted by nature look like celestial temples that cradle the land. The patchwork quilts of forests and valleys roll toward the horizon, changing their colors in the sun, while different areas blend into each other, resembling a talented artist’s brushstrokes.

To combine the benefits of a meditation session and a motivational, self-empowering experience, you can choose from the Kilimanjaro Vikings mountain climbing routes or Tanzania wildlife tours. That’s where you’ll savor stunning views and the smells of forest mixed with icy freshness. Let the remoteness and tranquility of the vast wildernesses take away any worries as you immerse yourself in nature!

Tanzania tour packages for all kinds of travelers

If you’d love to find yourself in an animal paradise, visit the renowned Tanzania wildlife destinations with Kilimanjaro Vikings:

The picture-perfect hiker’s paradise with winding ascents, rugged rock landscape, icy peaks, and swirling clouds is also found in Tanzania! If you’re looking for magnificent mountain trails climbing into infinity, breathtaking panoramic views to be explored in a slow-paced manner and enjoyed with all your 5 senses, pick from the mountain hike-up routes we offer. Kilimanjaro tours in Tanzania guided by the Kilimanjaro Vikings experts will be the best choice for an experience of a lifetime.

Tanzania offers a multitude of options to include in your tour. Decide on what tickles your fancy:

Explore our most popular Tanzania trip packages and wildlife destinations, or contact us to create a custom itinerary for an unforgettable experience. The most exciting adventures coupled with the gigabytes of long-lasting impressions await you here!