Though climbing to Kilimanjaro can be done throughout the year, some months are extremely dry and cold. Therefore, it is better to plan before you opt for the challenge. The seasons to climb are December to March and from June to October. The summit temperature is around – 7 degrees Celsius, with 22 degrees Celsius at the mountain base during this time. Read on to know more about the accurate time to trek on the top of Kilimanjaro.

What are the best months for trekking?

  • If you choose the trekking months mentioned above, climbing mount Kilimanjaro has a higher chance of experiencing snowfall. However, trekking from January to March has quiet slopes than what you can experience during the rest of the year.
  • June-October months tend to be busy ones
  • The wettest months are November, April, and March and therefore, not suitable for trekking
  • December to May is the ideal time to experience snowfall, cold and pleasant temperature

High and low season in Kilimanjaro

  1. If planning to go on the Kilimanjaro Safari tour, it is important to consider the low and high Kilimanjaro season.
  2. The high, medium and low season can help you save on accommodation costs as it has nothing to do with the climb’s land cost.
  3. January and August’s months are highly charged, and this is something you need to consider when planning to climb to the peak

Prefer new moon or full moon to climb?

  • It is a common preference for most climbers, and they love to experience the climb during the new moon.
  • Nothing can be like walking under the silvery night without the need for a head torch, with a constellation full of the southern and northern hemisphere.

However, to avoid the summit route while climbing, it is better to choose the right time to make it easy for you to complete the walk smoothly. Bright moon night with a clear sky gives better visibility to climb at such a height.

To reach the summit during the full moon, it requires 5 to 7 days. Instead of reaching on the full moon’s exact day, it is better to plan either a day before or after the full moon to get adequate moonlight to walk through.

When is the best time to opt for Kilimanjaro Safari Tanzania?

The best weather is somewhere between July and October and from January to March to visit Kilimanjaro Safari Tanzania. However, to enjoy the tropical beach holiday to its fullest, choose between June and March for the best experience.

Wrapping it up

When planning to be part of any Safari tour in Kilimanjaro, it is none other than Kilimanjaro Vikings to prepare for the best tour plans. With its years of experience, the trained members ensure that they adhere to hiking safety standards. Taking to trekking enthusiasts to such heights and ensuring complete safety is what you can expect from team Kilimanjaro Vikings. The transparency and trusted service make the team stand out from the rest and make some memorable trekking memories.

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