The Royal Tour, a long-running PBS series, has returned with its first post-pandemic episode, taped in Tanzania after the outbreak. Travel writer Peter Greenberg is taken around the globe by global leaders in the program.

‘It’s the one program where I don’t have to be the tour guide,’ Greenberg stated recently. “I’m here as a guest. Who better to know a nation than the guy in charge?” It will be recorded in August and September of 2021 in Tanzania for the documentary show.

At least one day must be given up for shooting, and complete editorial control must be relinquished for a leader who can speak English to participate in Greenberg’s The Royal Tour. “The latter criteria are one that some prospective participants struggle against.”

It was a surprise to Hassan when he finished viewing the 56-minute-long program.

Tanzania’s capital, Dar es Salaam, hosted the play’s debut as part of tourist promotion. Those in the tourist business have a palpable sense of hope that the project will deliver on its promises.”

Do you know what this tour is all about?

An Emmy Award-winning journalist, Peter Greenberg, hosts and produces this “groundbreaking series of television programs, displaying countries in a manner no tourist has ever seen them before.” The show’s mission is to “give viewers access to amazing destinations, historic sites, and cultural experiences.”

To put things in perspective, in announcing the Royal Tour, President Uhuru Kenyatta continued a big push he has been leading since taking office on March 19, 2021, only days after his predecessor, Dr. John Pombe Magufuli, died suddenly.

SSH has made it clear that she intends to “re-open Tanzania to the world” in terms of economics and diplomacy. After this, a series of announcements and policy adjustments toward inclusiveness, both inside and beyond the country, moved away from protectionism. For example, investors took note of the move to ease the application process for work permits and change the way taxes are collected. Her next step is to take a complete look at policy, rules, and regulations and enhance discussion via sectoral task teams to establish areas of concern more firmly.

Her leadership style and desire to revive international connections were swiftly conveyed via this technique. After this, there were several more opportunities to meet people.

Mission East Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and the United States of America are all part of the same organization.

The East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) project, which had been postponed to grieve the demise of President Magufuli, was relaunched on April 11, 2021, in Uganda, where SSH was in attendance.

When SSH came to Kenya on May 4, 2021, he’ll help restart commerce between the region’s two most important economies. Ten trade obstacles had been removed by March 2022, while 14 more had a deadline of June 2022 set for their removal.

After visiting Burundi on July 16, 2021, SSH signed eight cooperation agreements before travelling to Rwanda on August 2, 2021, where she observed the signing of fou0078r bilateral contracts.

Next up is a trip to France and the European Union’s headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, in February of this year. The European Commission awarded her a grant of 1.15 trillion euros to fund different development initiatives, allowing her to resume work on many projects put on hold due to ideological conflicts. The EU-African Union summit has promised Euros 150 billion to African nations, including Tanzania.

Over the next four years, she will be present to sign 36 Memorandums of Understanding, totalling $7.49 billion.

Wrapping Up

The Royal Tour is back on the agenda. This is a brand-new initiative within the “Rebranding Tanzania strategy,” aimed at a particular market: the United States. Content that promotes both tourism and investment is being sponsored.

The president’s delegation has told me that it was a huge step forward after its release in New York City and Los Angeles, Calif. The film has sparked a flurry of media coverage on the film’s broader themes, which may have been well-known to those involved in the project. It’s evident that the general public back home is clamouring for explanations.

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