Kilimanjaro always attracts mountaineering enthusiasts due to its natural beauty. One of the seven highest peaks in the world, the mountain is known as the “roof of Africa.” Climbing this dormant volcano is difficult, as the routes are full of multiple hurdles. However, a true mountaineer enthusiast craves thrills and adventure. Therefore, it is no wonder why Mount Kilimanjaro has become a popular climbing destination.

You can reduce the difficulty of climbing this peak by taking a few precautionary steps. Moreover, it is vital to prepare well for this expedition, which will come with multiple challenges at every step. In the following section, you will find the top seven things you must know before climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

  1. Pick the Right Climbing Route

Climbers can find six routes to Mount Kilimanjaro, and choosing the best route is crucial. Find a basic guide to the various routes below.

  • Marangu Route: This is the most popular route due to accommodation availability. The success rate of this route is around 40%, and it takes about five days and four nights to complete.
  • Machame Route: Also known as the Whiskey Route, the Machame route is popular among climbers. If you choose the route, it may take 6-7 days to reach the peak. The positive thing is the beautiful surroundings along the route.
  • Lemosho Route: The time would be nine days if you follow the route, though nature lovers will not regret choosing this route. Moreover, the success rate of this route is high. The only drawback is the expense since the duration is around 9–10 days.
  • Shira Route: This is one of the trickiest routes to reach Mount Kilimanjaro peak. Therefore, the route is recommended for experienced mountaineers. The overall duration of the route is 6-7 days.

Besides these four routes, the other two popular routes are Umbwe and Rongai.

  1. Choose the Best Guide

You need the best guide to complete the expedition safely and successfully. Fortunately, you will find multiple tour organizers for the Mt. Kilimanjaro expedition. Choosing a tour operator according to your budget and other conveniences would be best.

  1. Prepare for Altitude Sickness

You should have all the crucial medicines if you have altitude sickness. Many veteran climbers have altitude sickness, and you should be prepared for it. Besides medicine, you may need portable oxygen cylinders during the expedition.

  1. Physical Training

All Kilimanjaro climbing routes come with many obstacles, and you need flawless physical fitness to overcome those obstacles. You must undergo rigorous training before this expedition. Otherwise, you may not complete it.

  1. Smart Packing Is Crucial

It will help if you pack smart for your Kilimanjaro expedition. Taking all the necessary things is crucial, though the baggage should not be too heavy. Carrying multiple bags will increase the trip’s cost.

  1. Equipment Rental Service

Climbers do not need to carry all their equipment for the trip, as you can get equipment rental services. Find a good service provider and rent the equipment and accessories according to your requirements.

  1. Tipping Is Not Optional

You have to tip the guides and luggage bearers to keep them happy. Tipping them is not optional during this expedition.

So, these are the things that you should keep in mind for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Find a good tour planner to get in touch with a friendly guide.

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