A trip to Mount Kilimanjaro

When planning to trek to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro or witness the view from a lodge, it is a worth a lifetime experience. Kilimanjaro trekking tours involve preparation, including strategic plans for trekking. Having physical training to prepare on using trekking boots and knowing about the trek road would help in a steady yet slow trekking tour. So, you are ready for the trekking challenge to one of the tallest freestanding mountains up, some essential tips would make the walk up to the mountains an easy one.

A trip to Mount Kilimanjaro involves a number tourism related services which include:

  • Trekking
  • Camping
  • Porter service
  • Transfers
  • Accommodation

Price of trekking depends on:

  • Time of trek tour
  • Trekking route
  • Professional team

You need to research a little so that you can get in touch with the right team to guide you for a smooth trekking tour. If unable to decide for the correct options, get suggestions from trek guide for hassle-free experience.

Fitness and Training measures to follow for the climb

To climb to 5,895 meters in Kilimanjaro Safari tour is about going through the extremities and overcoming the obstacles that come your way. The climbing would take you through a layered and warm environment to rainforest through rocky and snow bound glacier summit with chilling temperature. One needs to prepare for it both mentally and physically before making up one mind to climb to such a height.

Fitness and Training measures to follow for the climb

Climbing to such a height is a challenging task that requires physical fitness and proper training. It requires good physical effort when planning for long trekking days. Therefore, you have to prepare your muscles and joints before you start trekking.

Try to indulge in a cardio workout regime, swimming, running to attain body fitness, and have strong legs before two months from your trek date. It would prepare the body for extra stamina and boost the oxygen level, making the climb a less challenging one.

Perfect Hiking Schedule

Perfect Hiking Schedule

To prepare your body and mind for trekking to such great heights, try walking to trails to the nearest mountains as practice. Start with slow but steady hikes that would help you develop pace and understand how much physical strength is required to climb to such heights.

Planning for the correct route   

You have to choose the climbing route among seven to summit and pick the highly recommended one by visitors.

  1. The Machame route towards the southern flank taking six to seven days, and it is a challenging one
  2. The Marangu route taking five to six days, and it is cheap, quick, and comfortable
  3. The Lemosho route offers excellent scenic beauty taking up to the western ridge, and it would take six to nine days to climb

However, the more days you want to travel, the more expensive it would be for the trek. Plan the hiking altitude that would be comfortable and confident for you. So, June to October and December to match is considered a suitable time to plan for a trekking tour to Kilimanjaro.

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