Are you looking for some tips to climb Mount Kilimanjaro? It is the highest mountain in Africa. It is also the tallest mountain that can be reached by walking. However, it is not at all an easy task. You can reach the summit only by crossing five climatic zones. The zones range from forest to desert to icy conditions. No special mountaineering skills are required. You do have to be in good physical shape to climb this mountain.Kilimanjaro Vikings

Some tips for conquering one of the most diverse peaks

Your chances of success will increase significantly if you hire competent Kilimanjaro climb tour operators. Taking the assistance of a licensed guide is mandatory. We are looking at a few tips for choosing the best tour operator.

  1. Determination of trekking style

Look into the website of ( and you will see that there are different classes of Kilimanjaro climb tour operators available in the market. Depending upon your financial strength, you have to make a selection. You have to decide whether you would prefer to trek solo or with your group of friends or join a group.

  • Budget prices

Budget tour operators have the capability of taking you to the summit within a time span of five to six days. They go in for cost cutting techniques by hiring porters at lower rates. They do not always utilize the top quality equipment.

  • Mid-tier level

Mid-tier operators are the most popular ones. The charges vary with the routes chosen. The guides employed by these agencies have adequate skills and experience. They are comfortable in the local language. They are conversant in English too.Mount Kilimanjaro

  • Luxury climb

Luxury tour operators provide additional amenities in the form of supplying hot meals, gourmet wine, private toilets and oxygen tanks. You can conquer this peak in luxurious style.

  1. Verification of quality

Before you finalize the decision of hiring a tour operator, you should check the quality of these tour operators. You should look at the reviews made by past clients. The online forums are good sources of gathering client testimonials. You can also call up the operators and ask them to refer some clients. You should talk to some of the past clients and ask them about their experience while dealing with the trip operator.

  1. Verification of licenses

Tour operators are required to have appropriate licenses. Numerous governmental regulations are imposed on their activities.  Request the operators to send you a copy of those documents to you for verification. Always ensure that the documents are up to date. Look at the dates to make sure that they are not dealing with expired licenses.

  1. Interaction with the public

Make sure that they are giving prompt responses to your queries. They should be easily accessed via phones or emails. Open channels of communication should be present at all times. You have to check whether their staff has a customer friendly approach. Check out their pricing terms. See if they accept payments through credit cards. Some of the companies may be charging additional fees for processing.

  1. Environmentally friendly

Look for tour operators who are utilizing a portion of their profits for development of the local communities. They utilize the services of local people. They support animal conservation projects. Make sure that they treat their guides and porters appropriately.

Detailed research

It is a challenging task to find a perfect tour operator. Do a detailed research and invest some time in this process. Make sure that the agency you have chosen has the capability of handling emergencies.

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Am an experienced Kilimanjaro mountain guide and a safari organiser, I have been doing this work for over 15 year now.

3 Comments on “Top 5 tips to choose the best Kilimanjaro Tour operator

  1. Hi,

    I’m planning a trip to Africa for 2020 and climbing Kili is at the top of my list!
    Which trek and how much duration is needed?

    • Hi there,

      I suggest you Machame route, This is a camping route, beautiful landscapes, views and its easy to acclimatize while hiking up everyday,
      Which month in 2020 are you thinking to come? and will you be alone or with friends?

      Best regards,

    • Hi there,
      I suggest you postpone your Africa trip to 2021 because of this Corona crisis,From June onwards 2021 will be a good time to visit Africa
      And regarding which route to select,I suggest Machame route 7 days, Please check this route here(
      Have you hiked some mountain where you come from?
      hope to hear from you.
      best regards

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