If you plan for once-in-a-lifetime experience, making every right plan may not be possible if it is your first time. Though, climb to one of the best scenes on the top wasn’t that hectic. We learn from our experiences and so, have I, learned after climbing so high. If I ever got a chance to climb again in life to Kilimanjaro, it would be yet another thrilling and exciting chapter to unfold and cherish in life.

Choose to climb Mount Kilimanjaro

Climbing is not technical

People choose to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, which is one of the largest of seven summits.  It requires knowledge about physical endurance and body strength to climb to such high feet. It requires suitable training to climb to the top and have the best feelings climbing t such great heights. The other six summits require having some technical knowledge.

Preparing for the weather

It is common to remain wet and cold while climbing. Even when choosing the time between high and low season, it will continue to rain, making one wet throughout the climb. In this, the mountain experience and equipment are of great necessity to endure in this weather. This calls for packing right and durable gears for Kilimanjaro for a smooth climb, though the climb isn’t that smooth!

Get hats, tents, squat toilets, and sponge baths

It would depend on your route of the climb, and how many of you are climbing together. Huts or tents are common to carry to be used while climbing. Depending on the weather, you would prefer washing your face or taking a bath. Using warm water may also be required as per the prevailing weather.

Choose to climb Mount Kilimanjaro

Catch a slow pace and drink water

There is no need to hurry up as you will lose more energy than you gain in small breaks. Your guide must have planned correctly for the number of days required to climb Kilimanjaro. So, it is better to start slow without going faster, maintain the pace, and drink water to stay hydrated throughout. Drinking water contributes to successful climbing to the summit.

The Final Summit day is crucial

The day you are going to reach the summit is going to be a crucial and hectic one. On a contrasting note, the initial days would be long, but not as challenging as the last day. As the terrain throughout the climb keeps on changing, you should be prepared for it. You should know the climatic zones to experience them the best.

Have peace of mind climbing high

Have peace of mind climbing high

Apart from the expert advice, it is better to have common medication for mountain sickness. Do not let altitude sickness hold you back, and enjoy the climb, making it the best one in your life. The right medicines would help you keep going throughout the climb and help you enjoy.

Take the right route, plan it correctly with your guide and make the best memories of yourself while climbing to Kilimanjaro. Enjoy it now or never for the best experience in life.

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